Mono901 Single Mono-silicon rod Squaring Machine

Equipment Introduction

The Product named Mono903 Single Mono-crystal Rod Squaring Machine is a machine for squaring silicon ingots by using diamond wires. It uses one diamond wire reciprocating at high speed to grind silicon materials and finally cut round mono-crystal silicon rods into square rods and trim these rods. The equipment is mainly intended for processing mono-crystal silicon materials and is capable of squaring a single rod. It is a new equipment with reliable functions, high cutting efficiency and high processing accuracy, and also convenient in automatic production line setup.

Equipment Feature:

· Horizontal cutting;

· Reciprocating cutting;

· A single time as well as single stick squaring;

· Silicon stick length 700mm.

Euipment Advantage:

· Silicone adhesive;

· Upper and lower material convenience;

· Do not need to cut the wire network, automatic alignment the crystal line.

Technical Parameter:



Workpiece diameter

φ200 – 300mm

Workpiece length

100 - 850mm

Wire diameter

0.25 - 0.42mm

Processing quantity

1根硅棒 one pcs

Squaring diameter


Feed speed


Wire consume

0.05m / mm

Wire speed

0 – 30m / s

Wire tension

0 – 120N

Overall dimension


Worktable dimensions


Machine weight


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