GX-YLQ-15B Tire Section Cutting Machine

Function Description:

GX-YLQ-15B Tire section cutting machine is designed for tire industry, automotive industry and quality inspection agency to cut tire section samples.This equipment is made of steel wire with special process, the cutting section is smooth and the tire section is clear.

Equipment feature:

· Low noise
· Safe operation
· Friendly interface
· Automatic cutting can be achieved
· Equipped with integrated dust removal system

Cutting Section:

Technical Parameter:

Equipment model


Applicable scope of tire

Passenger car tires, Truck tires, or other tires within cutting range

Tire Dimension Range

Outer diameter of tire


Max. Section Width of tire


Min. Test Rim: min


Machine Size


Cutting performance

Feeding speed

3~40 mm/min

Sample thickness

20mm±2mm or 38±2mm ,by double wire cutting

Section effect

Surface smoothness, texture clear

Cutting wire life

1 set (2 pieces) of steel wires can cut 60 sections or more of 11.00R20 radial truck tire. 1 set (2 pieces) of steel wires can cut 180 sections or more of 195/65R15 PC tire

Cutting Period

< 25 minutes (cut one section of 11.00R20 radial truck tire). < 10 minutes (cut one section of 195/65R15 PC tire)


Power load


Noise (no loading)

≤80dB(A)(control panel, 1m from machine and 1m from ground)


Meet CE standard requirements

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