TBR Tire High-speed & Endurance Performance Testing Equipment
Product information
GC-YLN-1212 OR GC-YLN-1214
Device name Test machine for high speed endurance performance of truck tire
Introduction This equipment is main used for the high-speed & endurance performance test of Truck and Bus tires 
Equipment parameters
Test station 2 or 4
Drum diameter × width Φ1707.6 × 500mm
Drum radial runout ≤ 0.20 mm
Drum drive motor AC/DC
Outside diameter of tire Φ600mm ~ Φ1500mm
Test tire section width Max.480mm
Test hub range 16"~24.5"
Tire test speed Max. 200km / h, accuracy : 0~+1 km / h
Tire test load 800~10,000 kg, accuracy : Set value ±1%
Load mode Closed loop hydraulic loading
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